Your Reputation Matters

31544898_sBig corporations hire entire teams of people to look after internet marketing, tracking Google Analytics, and writing content for the worldwide web. They employ advertising teams to manage their image and spread the news about their products online and using other media. Major firms build reputations which they must fulfill. Small firms do things the other way around, which is why reputation management is such a big deal to them. Here’s what I mean.

Word of Mouth

In our experience at, for the little guy, getting inspiring customers to say good things to their friends and talk about them on Facebook is how they grow their client base. They don’t have advertising and internet divisions of their own: just great customer service and a really good product. Either the owner designs a website, writes content, and organizes Pay Per Click campaigns independently or he hires someone from outside the company if he can afford these campaigns in the first place. Sometimes he relies on his social network entirely, which is why bad reviews and negative campaigns from the competition can hurt him so much.

Negative Campaigns

These are real things: assaults on good people by competing firms which feel threatened. They do not try to win the race fairly or share clientele the right way; they just want to win and are willing to write false reviews online to achieve their aims. Little businesses whose owners are unwilling to play dirty rely on the good people around them to mitigate the damage: Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and fans who like to share their images on Instagram. A fraudulent rating on Yelp can make a big difference to their profits unless they compensate by encouraging real customers to say what they really think.

Reputation Management Approach

Reputation management is not about hiring professional writers to say good but meaningless things about your firm. It’s not a means of falsely claiming to be great and paying for 5-star ratings on Amazon – these are highly unethical practices, and, quite frankly, our team at will have nothing to do with that. Reputation management involves encouraging legitimate consumers to tell the world about their experiences at your café, kennel, or tattoo parlor. Business owners entice individuals to share their views on social media. Their aim is not to retaliate with strong words but to drown out fake write-ups with the authentic impressions of customers.

Hiring Reputation Management

SEO teams can offer this service too, and we at My Philadelphia SEO are on board with this for many of our clients. The goal (again, if these are ethical companies) is to create enough content so that articles of a smear campaign become insignificant when Google performs a search. Content can include merely informational writing. Reputation management advisers might show companies how to rev up customer response online and bolster their positive content so searchers see their business name on page one of a search. Big business can handle being trashed by small-minded meddlers. With reputation management support, so can the little firms.