Social Media and Your Strategies

man-335401_1280SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Social Media is represented by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and My Space. Do you ever wonder what the is connection between them? Do they work together naturally? Actually, it probably comes as no surprise that social media is an excellent vehicle for SEO campaigns, and at, managing our clients’ social presence is a large part of what we include in our services. Let’s take a look at how both of them work independently and then how they work together.

SEO: How it Works

To find something online, you type keywords into your browser and let the search engine go to work: Google is the most popular one with Yahoo a little way behind. Algorithms bring up a set of “hits”: internet sites in which the keywords or phrases are represented, the first ones which best meet rankings by that search engine. Search Engine Optimization is the art of ensuring your website is the first one to come up during a search or at least on the first page, realizing most readers do not bother with page two of their results unless the first page fails to yield what they want. When that happens, they might just change their wording instead.

Social Media: the Personal Touch

With social media, our team shows you the ways in which consumers communicate directly with each other and with commercial enterprises – like yours – whose owners are smart enough to use pages like Facebook and Pinterest. Social media sites will come up in a search but you can only engage fully with them if you have an account on that site. Companies wisely employ social media as a way to personalize their relationships with customers and to attract business by spreading word about their brand. Some sites also make it easy and inexpensive to run competitions which double as advertising.

Putting the Two Together

So it stands to reason that if social media pages will come up during a search engine enquiry, you want to make sure your social media page or pages contain your key words. This is your personal page and you get to write content for it any way you like so long as you do not include anything defamatory or something an algorithm will pinpoint as inciting hatred or inappropriate. Of course, when we meet to discuss your campaign, we’ll talk in greater depth about this.

How Do Companies Use Social Media for SEO Writing?

How does SEO writing look when it becomes social media content? We always advise our clients to update content on social media regularly, content which includes posting competitions, offers, and the release of new products. Writers should engage in conversations with customers and post short articles about relevant subjects. At this point they include critical phrases and words which is part of what SEO is about. Businesses with social media pages they frequently update are already doing the wise thing. Using existing social media sites as platforms for SEO writing is a way of attracting more customers without paying anything extra. This approach is often successful and makes excellent financial sense. Contact us at My Philadelphia SEO to discuss how we can help you with your own campaigns!