Pay Per Click and Costs

adwords-793034_1280In general, Pay Per Click ads are good value. Even the most expensive ones are cheap in comparison with television or radio advertising or full-page spreads in major newspapers or magazines. Still, the reason companies choose Pay Per Click advertising in the first place is that they must establish as much internet presence as possible to fully take advantage of their potential market. While our team at is experienced in Google PPC practices, you might still be wondering what it is that makes some ads so expensive?

Pay Per Click Long-term Costs: Some ad campaigns are not cost effective, so even though Pay Per Click ads are inexpensive initially compared with other options, the chosen internet site is poorly selected. It does not hit the right market. Most people clicking on the ad are merely curious and conversion is poor. Selecting a more specific site related to your ad might be more costly at first but targets the right audience, providing excellent conversion rates. Your readers are already interested in a topic related to the item you are selling or the service you provide because it’s relevant to the topic (a blog related to your field, is one of the examples we like to give).

Bidding on Key Words: Top bidders get to buy the best key words on Google and other major websites. If you are willing to compete in a hotly contested market and pay top dollar for key words, you earn the right to advertise using specific words and phrases. Certain words are very expensive: you can look up the top ten most expensive ones and will not be surprised by what turns up.

We do want to remind you, however, that this investment can backfire if your key words are not accompanied by negative key words or specifics pertaining to locality. In that case, many consumers will click your ad only to discover you are located 300 miles from their home. You have to go about things wisely, but even paying the highest possible price for phrases and words your investment can yield excellent returns. Otherwise, why would companies compete for the right to use them?

Is It Worth Paying More for Key Words? What would happen if you did not bid on key words and decided, instead, to play a game of Taboo in order to save money? You know the game: the objective is to make other players guess what your word is without using certain obvious terms. You can’t describe “hospital” as a medical center. Words like “automobile” and “vehicle” are not permitted when trying to describe “car.”

While your ad will be cheaper in the short term if you play this game, it will also fail to attract the appropriate audience and conversion rates will be low. If you have the money for ads, pay the price. If you do not have it in your budget to bid so high, consider using a less popular website than Google or Yahoo. Again, this is something that our team can help you with, so please get in touch with us for a consultation soon.