Philly Search Engine Optimization Experts

When you choose the team at My Philly SEO to partner with you on your search engine marketing campaigns, you get far more than a group of people outsourcing all the work to people in who-knows-where. No, you will be working with people right here – people who will know your name, what your marketing goals are, and who will listen to you when you talk about the challenges you have had in driving customers to your website.

Our Philadelphia SEO Team

We’re All Human: You see, because the internet is not human, people sometimes tend to think of their websites as being nothing more than a virtual calling card or business card that perhaps a potential customer will stumble across as they peruse the millions of pages in the search engines.

But, many business owners forget that it is their fellow humans who are searching for information and services in search engines like Google or Bing or Yahoo. And, the way that these search engines are set up, there are certain “clues” that their algorithms pick up on when someone is searching for a service. If your website is structured and managed in a way that matches the “clues” that your potential customer is typing into the search box, well, then your site will be “rewarded” with a prominent spot in the search results.

And, if searchers see a match between what they are typing in and what your website presents, then you may very well have yourself a brand new customer!
But, how does this happen? And where does My Philly SEO come in?

Our Search Engine Optimization Team Approach

The Starting Point: First of all, we  work with you to determine what your goals are, and to conduct a starting-point analysis of your website and any campaigns you may already be running. We look at relevant terms that your potential customers are using to search for solutions to their problems, and then determine where your efforts are succeeding, and where they may be falling short.

We look at how long people are staying on your site, and where they are leaving. We look at the search terms people are using that DO lead them to your website, and we look for terms that you SHOULD be ranking for so that more people can find you – but aren’t. For example, look at some recent results for one of our customers.IOWA CITY SEO google screenshot-1

What’s Next: Based on the initial findings we then begin to chart our course of action. Do you want to investigate a pay-per-click advertising campaign? If so, we can help you determine how best to spend your advertising dollars using strategies that will bring your advertisements in front of the right potential customers.

We Have Miami Media & SEO Campaigns

Do you have a social media campaign? No? Don’t worry, because we can help you plan and manage this as well. In fact, there isn’t much our staff is not trained to do when it comes to SEO best practices. Whether it is helping you build a good online reputation (or help to repair a damaged one), write your website copy, redesign your site, or anything else having to do with making sure that your brand is getting noticed and in front of the right eyeballs, the My Philadelphia SEO group can help.

Best Practices: We mentioned “best practices.” Our Philadelphia SEO team committed to helping your company website rank in an ethical and upfront manner. Our very reputation is at stake, and we do not take shortcuts. We adhere to Google’s webmaster guidelines to ensure that your website not only looks good and is easy to view and navigate, but also to ensure that your visitors and readers are getting ONLY top-quality, valuable and relevant information. You see, our goal is to help your potential customers to see – right away – that you are the company that they want to do business with.

Let us show you what we can do, and how we do it. Please contact us today, and we will get started on your analysis right away!